Ways to Prolong or Modify Terms on Your Canadian Work Authorization

Renewing or Altering Your Canadian Work Permit: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re enjoying your work in Canada and wish to extend your stay, ensuring you have a valid work permit is essential. This guide will walk you through the process of extending or modifying your work permit if it’s approaching its expiration date (ideally at least 30 days before). Extending your permit allows you to continue working seamlessly, or if your employment situation changes, such as a job switch or a new employer.

Eligibility for Work Permit Extension or Modification

You can apply to extend or modify your work permit under the following circumstances:

Holders of employer-specific work permits: This includes permits linked to a particular employer, job offer, or location. You can apply if your job is extended, there are changes in your current job, you’re offered a different job with the same employer, or you want to work for a new employer.

Holders of open work permits: You may be eligible to extend an open work permit if you meet ongoing requirements.

Individuals needing to modify permit details: This includes changing the type of authorized work, removing location restrictions post-medical exam, updating gender information, or rectifying errors made by IRCC on your existing permit.

Here are situations where extending or changing your work permit might not be possible:

Your work permit has expired: If your permit is already expired, you’ll need to explore other options like applying for a new permit from outside Canada.

You’re pursuing permanent residency: If you’ve applied for permanent residency, extending your work permit might not be necessary, but it’s advisable to seek guidance from an immigration professional.

Preparing Your Application

Before applying to extend or modify your work permit, ensure you’ve completed these key steps:

Gather Supporting Documents: While IRCC doesn’t provide an exhaustive list, include documents verifying the information you provide. This may include your current work permit, completed application package, proof of employment, and legal status documents.

Biometrics Collection: Schedule a biometrics appointment if required as part of your application.

Employer Responsibilities: If your permit is tied to a specific employer, ensure they’ve completed necessary steps before you apply.

Traveling Outside Canada? If you plan to travel outside Canada, remember that applying to extend or modify your work permit doesn’t automatically grant a new visitor visa. Apply for a new visitor visa if yours has expired before planning your return.

Benefits of Applying Online: Applying online offers faster processing and benefits such as application completeness check, faster processing, easy document submission, and application status updates.

How to Apply for a Change in Your Work Permit

Ensure you have necessary tools and payment method.

Familiarize yourself with the instructions.

Prepare your answers for the online tool.

Understand the applicable fees.

Create or log in to your online account to submit your application, make payments, and track your application status.

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