Life in Ontario

Learn everything you need to know about life in Ontario, and how to get permanent residency through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP).

Ontario is a province known for its cultural diversity and vibrant communities. It is located in east-central Canada and stands as a beacon for immigrants seeking a prosperous and inclusive environment. Home to a diverse population, Ontario proudly embraces individuals from all walks of life, contributing to its rich tapestry of cultures. As of the 2021 census, Ontario boasts a thriving immigrant population of over 3.8 million, representing 23% of the province’s total population. This makes it the province with the highest proportion of immigrants in Canada.

About Ontario

Ontario, Canada’s vibrant heartland, beckons with a kaleidoscope of experiences. It’s a province where sprawling forests whisper secrets to ancient lakes, bustling cities ignite innovation, and charming towns exude warmth and history. From the thundering roar of Niagara Falls to the serene allure of Algonquin Park, Ontario captivates every sense.

Geography & Landscape

Ontario is Canada’s second-largest province, boasting a vast area of over 1 million square kilometers. To put it in perspective, it’s larger than France and Spain combined! Imagine a landscape encompassing towering forests, sparkling lakes, rolling hills, and bustling urban centers – that’s Ontario!

Ontario’s beauty lies in its incredible diversity. Imagine dense boreal forests in the north, home to moose and wolves, transitioning to rolling farmlands and charming towns in the south. The Canadian Shield forms the province’s backbone, dotted with thousands of sparkling lakes and rivers. In the south, the majestic Great Lakes – Ontario, Erie, Huron, and Superior – hug the border with the United States, shaping stunning coastlines and offering ample recreational opportunities.

What is the population of Ontario?

As of 2021, Ontario is home to over 14.5 million people, making it Canada’s most populous province. This vibrant population contributes to a dynamic and multicultural society.

Ontario Economy

Ontario’s economic engines roar with a diverse and dynamic mix of industries. While the province is often recognized for its manufacturing prowess, a closer look reveals a rich tapestry of sectors fueling its success.

Ontario’s Leading Industries

  • Manufacturing
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Mining and Forestry

Ontario’s economic prowess plays a vital role in Canada’s national success. The province contributes over 40% of the country’s GDP, acting as the engine that drives the nation’s economic growth and prosperity. Its diverse industries generate jobs, attract investment, and fuel international trade, solidifying Canada’s place on the global economic stage.

Ontario’s Culture & Heritage

Ontario’s cultural tapestry shimmers with diversity, woven from threads of vibrant festivals, artistic expression, and a rich historical tapestry. From the electrifying beat of the Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival to the serene echoes of Indigenous powwows, the province pulsates with celebrations throughout the year.

Foodies flock to Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Icewine Festival, while art enthusiasts revel in the Toronto International Film Festival. Summer explodes with music at the Stratford Festival, while winter lights up with dazzling displays like the Niagara Falls Winter Festival of Lights.

Ontario, a vibrant mosaic of cultures and backgrounds, reflects this diversity in its linguistic landscape. While English may be the official language, Ontario embraces its multilingual character through various initiatives. Government services are available in French in designated areas, signage often reflects multiple languages, and educational institutions offer support for language learning. Additionally, community centers and cultural organizations provide platforms for celebrating linguistic diversity and fostering understanding.


  • Ontario’s natural splendor and cultural vibrancy paint an unforgettable travel canvas. Thrill to the majestic roar of Niagara Falls, a wonder of nature that mesmerizes with its cascading power.
  • Embark on a wilderness adventure in Algonquin Park, where pristine lakes reflect ancient pine forests and playful moose roam free.
  • Explore the cosmopolitan heart of Toronto, where towering skyscrapers kiss the clouds and diverse neighborhoods brim with artistic flair.
  • In Ottawa, witness the stately Parliament Buildings stand guard over Canada’s political pulse, then stroll through charming ByWard Market, a treasure trove of local delights.


Ontario boasts a thriving education system renowned for its world-class universities, diverse institutions, and innovative approach to learning. Explore a landscape where academic aspirations take flight, fueled by renowned institutions and adaptable systems.

Prestigious Universities

Ontario holds the torch for academic excellence, with iconic universities like the University of Toronto (U of T), McMaster University, Queen’s University, and Western University attracting scholars from across the globe. These institutions, consistently ranked among the top in Canada and the world, offer diverse programs in fields ranging from medicine and engineering to humanities and social sciences.

Specialized Colleges

Beyond universities, Ontario’s educational landscape shines with a myriad of specialized colleges. From Ontario College of Art and Design, igniting creative spirits, to Sheridan College, nurturing talent in film and animation, these institutions provide focused programs and hands-on learning experiences that cater to specific passions and career aspirations.

Public Education System

Ontario’s public school system ensures high-quality education for all. From kindergarten to Grade 12, students delve into engaging curricula, develop critical thinking skills, and prepare for their next steps in life. With a focus on inclusivity and personalized learning, the public education system fosters well-rounded individuals ready to thrive in a diverse world.


Ontario’s healthcare system, known as the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), provides universal access to essential medical services for all residents. While a single-payer system funded through taxes, it offers a comprehensive range of services, ensuring everyone receives necessary care regardless of income.

  • Primary Care: Family doctors and nurse practitioners form the cornerstone of the system, offering accessible preventative, diagnostic, and treatment services.
  • Specialists: A network of hospitals and clinics houses a diverse range of specialists, from cardiologists and oncologists to neurosurgeons and ophthalmologists, catering to complex medical needs.
  • Emergency Care: A well-equipped and accessible network of emergency departments guarantees immediate attention for critical situations.
  • Public Health: Public health agencies promote preventative measures, conduct research, and manage outbreaks, safeguarding the health of the entire population.

Can I get healthcare as an immigrant in Ontario?

Yes! The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) provides universal healthcare coverage to residents after a waiting period.


Ontario, celebrated for its diverse climate, cycles through four distinct seasons, each with its unique character and occasional challenges. Spring ushers in nature’s revival with vibrant colors and occasional showers as temperatures gradually rise. Summer brings warmth, with temperatures often reaching the 20s and 30s (°C), encouraging outdoor activities and community celebrations. Autumn paints a captivating picture with fiery foliage and crisp air, featuring comfortably cool days and increasingly chilly nights.

Ontario transforms into a snowy wonderland during winter, with temperatures dipping below freezing. Despite occasional extremes such as tornadoes in late spring and early summer or winter blizzards bringing heavy snowfall and strong winds, the province’s varied landscapes offer unique experiences throughout the year. Embrace the diversity, prepare for surprises, and discover the beauty of each season’s temperature.

Cost of Living

While Ontario offers many advantages, the cost of living is a crucial consideration. Let’s dive into how it compares to the national average and what factors contribute to it:

Compared to the National Average:

  • Overall: Ontario leans slightly above the national average in its cost of living by roughly 5-10%, primarily driven by housing costs in major cities like Toronto.
  • Housing: This is the most significant factor impacting Ontario’s overall cost of living. Housing costs, particularly in Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe region, can be significantly higher than in other parts of Canada.
  • Other Expenses: Grocery, utilities, and transportation costs are generally around the national average in most of Ontario but can be slightly higher in major cities.

In-Demand Jobs in Ontario

Ontario beckons with a thriving job market with opportunities across diverse industries. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a fresh graduate, the province offers a platform to launch your career or take it to the next level.

  • Indeed: Right now, Ontario boasts over 218,000 active job postings on Indeed alone, spanning multiple sectors and skill levels.
  • Job Bank: The official Government of Canada Job Bank lists over 83,000 opportunities in Ontario, showcasing the government’s commitment to fostering employment.

The following table demonstrates five in-demand jobs in Ontario

Job TitleCityIndustrySalary Range (Annual)Description
Software DeveloperTorontoTech$70,000 – $130,000Design, develop, and test software applications in Canada’s tech hub.
Registered NurseKingstonHealthcare$65,000 – $95,000Provide vital care to patients in a vibrant historical city.
Renewable Energy EngineerLondonClean Tech$60,000 – $100,000Design and implement sustainable energy solutions in a growing field.
Retail ManagerOttawaRetail$45,000 – $70,000Lead a team and ensure smooth operations in Canada’s political capital.
Culinary ChefThunder BayHospitality$40,000 – $60,000Delight locals and tourists with your culinary skills in a scenic waterfront city.

Top Cities in Ontario

Ontario, Canada’s vibrant heart, shines with a constellation of captivating cities, each offering a unique charm and flavor. Here are three gems that stand out:


Toronto is Canada’s beating heart that pulsates with energy and diversity. Skyscrapers pierce the clouds, housing financial giants and tech titans. Art scenes thrive in galleries and theatres, while multicultural neighborhoods tempt your taste buds with global eats. From Kensington Market’s bohemian allure to the CN Tower’s breathtaking vistas, Toronto promises an electrifying urban adventure.


History whispers through the elegant Gothic architecture of Parliament Hill, where Canada’s political pulse beats. Stroll through ByWard Market, a treasure trove of local delights, or delve into museums chronicling the nation’s story. In winter, skate along the Rideau Canal, transformed into a sparkling ice ribbon, or cozy up in a charming chateau hotel amidst snowy landscapes. Ottawa exudes a regal charm that blends historical grandeur with modern vibrancy.

Niagara Falls

Nature unleashes its raw power in this iconic wonder. Feel the earth tremble beneath your feet as the thundering cascade roars, rainbows dancing in its mist. Sail through the emerald waters or embark on a thrilling cave exploration behind the falls. Beyond the natural spectacle, Niagara Falls offers charming wineries, family-friendly attractions, and vibrant nightlife, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all ages.

This is just a taste of Ontario’s urban tapestry. Smaller towns like Kingston, with rich history and waterfront ambiance, or Stratford, renowned for its annual Shakespeare Festival, hold their magic. Remember, the perfect Ontario city awaits, whether you crave cosmopolitan buzz, historical whispers, or the awe-inspiring power of nature.

Immigrate to Ontario

Ontario welcomes newcomers with open arms, offering many immigration routes to match your skills, experience, and aspirations. Let’s explore some of the most popular options, specifically within the Ontario OINP, the province’s Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):

StreamDescriptionSkills & ExperienceInvestmentTarget Occupation(S)
Skilled TradesIdeal for skilled workers in designated trades with proven experience and job offers in Ontario.Skilled trades experience and Ontario job offerNoCarpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, etc.
Human Capital PrioritiesAttracts foreign workers with in-demand skills and relevant qualifications, often with an Ontario job offer.In-demand skills and qualifications, Ontario job offer (not always required)NoEngineers, Software Developers, Nurses, etc.
Employer Job OfferSecure a permanent residency nomination through a confirmed job offer from an Ontario employer.Ontario job offer in any occupationNoN/A (Employer-specific)
French-Speaking Skilled WorkerOpen to French-speaking skilled workers with relevant experience and potential job offer in Ontario.French language proficiency, skilled work experience, Ontario job offer (not always required)NoN/A (Skill-specific)

Contact a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) for personalized guidance and expert support throughout your immigration journey.

Pros and Cons

Ontario, Canada’s vibrant heartland, presents a tempting mosaic of opportunities and challenges. Before setting your sights on this dynamic province, consider the following pros and cons:

Thriving Economy: Strong job market with diverse industries, high salaries, and entrepreneurial opportunities.Higher Cost of Living: Housing, especially in major cities, can be significantly more expensive than in other parts of Canada.
Cultural Mosaic: Vibrant multicultural communities offering a kaleidoscope of languages, festivals, and culinary experiences.Extreme Weather: Four distinct seasons can mean harsh winters with snow and ice, along with occasional heat waves and thunderstorms.
Universal Healthcare: Access to quality healthcare provided through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).Wait Times: Public healthcare system can sometimes experience longer wait times for specialists and treatment.
High-Quality Education: Renowned universities, colleges, and a strong public education system offering affordable access to knowledge.Urban Crowding: Major cities can experience traffic congestion and crowded living spaces.
Natural Beauty: Breathtaking landscapes from lakes and forests to Niagara Falls, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities.Remote Areas: Access to services and amenities can be limited in more rural and northern regions.
Safe and Stable: Low crime rates and political stability create a secure environment for living and raising a family.Tax Burden: Provincial and federal taxes are higher than some other Canadian provinces.

FAQs About Ontario

What Are the Main Ethnic Groups in Ontario?

Ontario boasts a rich tapestry of ethnicities, with over 200 distinct backgrounds represented. The five largest groups include Canadians of British origin, Indians, Chinese, Italians, and Filipinos. This diversity contributes to the province’s unique cultural landscape and culinary scene.

What’s Ontario’s Official Food?

Poutine, eh! Fries, gravy, and cheese curds – a classic combo that can’t be beaten. 

How Friendly is Ontario to Newcomers?

Ontario celebrates its multicultural mosaic! Over 40% of the population is foreign-born, and a diverse network of resources supports newcomers in settling in and thriving.

Capital City


Average Salary

$52,260 / year

Unemployment Rate



15,088 million

Top Industries

Agriculture, Forestry, Service Industry, Manufacturing, Mining.