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We provide the guidance and services to make your Canadian immigration process easy, affordable, and reliable.

About Fleming Imigration

We streamline Canada's immigration process, stress-free.

At Multi Dimension Consulting, we understand that the process of immigrating to Canada is a maze of procedures and regulations that can often seem impossible to navigate. There are many types of options available and understanding which one is most suitable for your unique situation is not simple. That is where our years of experience and vast knowledge about the Canadian Immigration processes can help you.
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Did you know?

Many of our team members are from diverse backgrounds and are immigrants themselves.
Our team members are fluent in English, French, Korean, Spanish, Italian and Japanese

We offer personalized service that caters to our clients’ unique needs.

Why use Fleming

Detailed eligibility evaluation and CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score.

Professional guidance and assistance.

Personalized immigration strategy and support.

Using Fleming Immigration Canada’s services vs the IRCC website

24/7 email and phone support
Personal guidance and assistance
Recommendations tailored to your unique profile
Personal and family visa evaluations to determine visa eligibility
Notifications of changes to rules and regulations
Assistance from expert Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants
Consultants that ensure all Canadian standards are met
Simplified process
Secure online processes that protect private information
Multiple methods of payment used worldwide
Our team

Meet Our Team

Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) know what it takes to guide you through the immigration process until you safely arrive in Canada.

David Allon

RCIC #R513335
With a Master’s Degree in Public Administration (MPA), a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Government, and a Diploma in European Studies, David Allon is a comprehensive and fully qualified RCIC and Fleming Immigration’s CEO with a passion for migration and international policies.

Jaehyun (Jimmy) Park

RCIC #R510391
Jimmy first came to Canada as a student, immigrating via the BC PNP(Skilled Worker Program). With an Immigration Diploma from Aston College, Vancouver, a Master’s Degree in English Education from Kyonggi University in Suwon Korea, a Bachelor’s Degree of English Literature from Korea National University of Transportation in Chunqiu Korea and his personal experience and extensive knowledge of the immigration process, Mr Park is passionate about assisting immigrants in achieving their dream of immigrating to Canada.

Giovanni Mariella

RCIC #R705710
With a Master's Degree in Law, Master's in Business Administration and Administrative Law, and a Diploma in European policies, Giovanni Mariella has 20 years of international experience in supporting private firms and public entities even in topics as immigration and public policies for the local development. Today Giovanni is a qualified RCIC serving the Canadian dream with an innate passion for helping the people.

Alireza Motahari

RCIC #R533723
Alireza Motahari is a hugely experienced RCIC who has been instrumental in helping dozens of hopeful immigrants follow their dreams in Canada. Alireza is a certified professional and is highly knowledgeable about the Canadian immigration process through his role as an RCIC and as someone who immigrated to Canada himself in 2012. As an RCIC, Alireza is highly experienced and passionate about getting more people the chance to live the life of their dreams in Canada. His advice and guidance can ensure you get the start you’re looking for.


The Canadian immigration process, especially when requesting permanent residency, is a long and complicated process. A Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant will make this process significantly easier and will help find the best option for you.
The International English Language Testing System tests your ability to read, speak, understand and write in English. It is mandatory for permanent residency candidates.
No, to improve your overall score you have to retake all four sections of the test.
Results are valid for two years from the date you took the test, which is why Canadian immigration programs do not accept results older than two years.
Yes, Fleming Immigration offers an IELTS preparation course.