Alberta Advantage Immigration Program

Unlock new opportunities with the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program - your pathway to prosperity in a welcoming and thriving community!

Alberta is on the rise as one of Canada’s most prominent provincial immigration destinations, with 178,754 non-resident foreign settlers in the province as of October 2023, according to the Albertan government.

From abundant job opportunities to a high quality of life amidst stunning natural landscapes, Alberta presents many advantages for newcomers. Join countless others who have chosen Alberta as their gateway to prosperity and fulfillment, and discover the endless possibilities awaiting you in this welcoming and vibrant community!

What is the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP)?

Much like the Express Entry system, the AAIP offers a fast-track application processing period of as few as six months. Its new online portal data capturing system is responsible for faster processing times as it allows for the swiftest verification procedure of the information submitted by prospective applicants.

If you possess the right experience and training, you can fill in-demand job posts in Alberta through the AAIP, and then you can use the AAIP to assist you in filling in job posts of in-demand jobs in Alberta.

If you successfully apply to the AAIP, you will be eligible for a provincial nomination. Qualifying to apply for a PNP requires submitting the following verifiable documents.

  • Federal Checks
  • Security Checks
  • Biometrics
  • Police Clearance
  • Medical Certificate

AAIP Streams for Immigrants With Job Offers

Here are the AAIP streams for prospective immigrants with job offers in Alberta.

Alberta Tourism and Hospitality Stream

A new Alberta Tourism and Hospitality Stream will be launched by the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program on March 1, 2024. The new Alberta Tourism and Hospitality Stream will assist Alberta’s tourism and hospitality industry in attracting skilled international workers who can address labor gaps and challenges in key sectors of its provincial economy.

A limited number of applications are accepted for the Tourism and Hospitality Stream. The Tourism and Hospitality Stream application processing speeds, among other priority processing initiatives, will be expedited.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for Alberta’s new PNP immigration stream, you must have a valid full-time, non-seasonal job offer from an approved Albertan employer operating in the tourism or hospitality industry. More information about the Tourism and Hospitality Streams eligibility criteria will be released on March 1, 2024.

Provincial nominations allow you to apply for and receive permanent residency status for your spouse, children, and other dependent members of your family.

If you are fortunate enough to have already obtained a job offer in Alberta, you can apply to the following AAIP streams.

Alberta Express Entry System

Alberta can nominate a limited number of candidates from the Express Entry pool for this program.

Familial solid ties to Alberta or having an in-demand skill set will increase your chances of receiving a Notification of Interest (NOI). An NOI permits you to apply for a provincial nomination.

If you’re an international graduate who has studied and graduated from a Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI), you can also apply for a provincial nomination.

You must meet the following eligibility requirements before applying to this stream.

  • Express Entry Profile:
    • A Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of at least 300
  • Ties to the Province:
    • Not needed
  • Job Offer:
    • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP): Not Needed
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP): Needed
    • Canadian Experience Class (CEC): Not Needed
  • Language Proficiency:
    • FSWP: Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7
    • FSTP: CLB 4
    • CEC: CLB 7
  • Level of Education:
    • FSWP: University Degree
    • FSTP: high school education and job-specific or on-the-job training
    • CEC: Depends on the requirements of your occupation.
  • Work Experience:
    • FSWP: 1 Year
    • FSTP: 2 years
    • CEC: 1 Year
  • Age:
    • 18 or older
  • Income/Settlement Funds:
    • Required
  • Average Processing Time:
    • Approximately three months

The Accelerated Tech Pathway (AATP)

Like most major world economies, the Canadian government is transitioning towards a largely tech-driven digital economy.

Jobs within this sector are highly specialized and require years of experience and education to develop productive capacity as a worker.

Many of the world’s major economies have invested resources into attracting skilled and innovative tech professionals.

These efforts include incentives in education, skills development programs/pilots, marketing the financial incentives of being an IT worker, and, lately, immigration.

Canada uses immigration visa programs to attract highly skilled tech workers to Canada. This is evident in some of their PNPs, including the AATP. AATP can source eligible individuals from the Express Entry pools to fill in-demand tech jobs.

Should you wish to apply for this pathway, you include the following in your application:

  • A completed Accelerated Tech Pathway form
  • A job offer letter or employment agreement with an Alberta employer
    • The job offer must be on the Accelerated Tech Pathways in-demand and approved occupations list.
    • The listed occupation in your Express Entry profile matches your incumbent occupation or job offer.
    • The minimum wage requirements must be reflected in your salary
  • Your Federal Express Entry profile
    • Your CRS score must be at least 300
  • Proof of your valid immigration status in Canada
  • Proof of your intentions to live and work in Alberta, Canada

Alberta Opportunity Stream

You must have a valid offer of employment and intend to live and work in Alberta, Canada if you want to use the Alberta Opportunity Stream to apply to immigrate to Canada.

The following personal eligibility criteria must be met to use this stream to immigrate to Canada.

  • Express Entry Profile:
    • Not needed
  • Connection to Province:
    • A degree of work experience in the province is needed
  • Job Offer:
    • A Valid offer of employment is needed
  • Level of Education:
    • Have a minimum of a post-secondary diploma/certificate
  • Age:
    • Express Entry requirements don’t apply
  • Language Proficiency:
    • Must be TEER 1,2,3 or CLB 5 or higher or have TEERS 4,5 or CLB 4 or higher
  • Work Experience:
    • Must have at least a minimum of 12 months of work experience
  • Income/Settlement Funds:
    • Must have settlement funds as proof you’re able to support yourself and your family in Canada
  • Average Processing Time:
    • As fast as 4 to 6 months using the online portal, using paper documents can take 15 to 19 months.

Please Note:

Applications for the Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS) have been paused until further notice. However, AOS applications submitted before the pause is implemented will be assessed.

AAIP draft applications submitted in the Alberta government portal before the pause will not be accepted; AAIP applications pending final fee payments are included. The pause on Alberta Opportunity Stream applications will focus the AAIPs’ limited immigration nominations on priority industries with labor shortages, including

  • Healthcare,
  • Technology,
  • Construction,
  • Agriculture, and
  • Tourism, and Hospitality.

The AAIP aims to implement management measures for future Alberta Opportunity Stream application volumes against program priorities, helping to maintain service standards across AAIPs’ immigration streams. Ensure your occupation is not included on the ineligible occupations list to qualify to apply for this stream.

Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) Applicants

If you have a PGWP and want to apply for Canadian permanent residency, you need to fulfill the following requirements: It must have been obtained outside of Canada if:

  • Your study program in Alberta began on or before the 1st of April, 2019
  • You have completed an Advanced Education-approved one-year post-diploma and
  • Have completed an Advanced Education approved one-year post-diploma or post-baccalaureate certificate
  • You must have a job related to your tertiary qualification.
    • You must obtain this job outside Canada.

Rural Renewal Stream

The vast majority of Canada’s population lives in cities. However, most of Canada’s industry exists in rural areas. This imbalance in the share of the population has resulted in a neglect of the labor needs of the economically burgeoning rural communities in Canada.

The vast swathes of fertile agricultural land constantly need field workers to till its abundant soils. Most of Alberta’s mineral-rich lands remain unexplored and exploited economically, with many mining firms failing to reach their productive capacities.

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada, in recognition of the labor needs of Canada’s rural communities, has created several immigration visa pilots, programs, and streams to address this need.

Among them is the Rural Renewal Stream, which facilitates the recruitment and settlement of international workers with a background in rural labor to immigrate to Canada’s rural communities.

The Rural Renewal Stream is a 2-step process:

  • The rural communities recruit eligible workers who have already applied for the AAIP.
  • The workers receive an Endorsement of the candidate letter from the local municipal government.

Select the Rural Renewal Stream on the AAIP portal to apply for this program. The portal allows you to check your status, change the information in your profile, and submit your application. The following requirements need to be met before applying for this program.

  • Express Entry Profile:
    • Not needed
  • Connection to Alberta:
    • Must have intentions to live and work in Canada
  • Job Offer:
    • Have a valid offer of employment from an Albertan employer
  • Language Proficiency:
    • TEER 0, 1, 2 or 3 CLB or CLB 5 language score in English or French
  • Level of Education:
    • Must have a high school diploma/certificate and a copy of an Educational Credential Assessment certificate provided by a trusted Canadian institutional authority.
  • Age:
    • Express Entry educational requirements don’t apply.
  • Work Experience:
    • Must have at least 12 months’ worth of work experience in this program
  • Income/Settlement Funds:
    • Have enough funds to prove to you support yourself and your family upon settlement and relocation to Canada
  • Average Processing Time:
    • Case by case and non-determinable
  • Certification and Endorsements:
    • Must be licensed and certified with the requisite authorities to conduct business in Canada and have an Endorsement of the Candidate letter issued by the Economic Development Organization (EDO)

We recommend using the services of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) to overcome some of the difficulties of applying for an immigration program.

Find Your PNP Pathway

PNP Streams for Immigrants Wanting to Start a Business in Alberta

Do you have an innovative business idea to greatly benefit Alberta? If so, these are the best ways to move to Alberta to start a business.

Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

International Post-graduate work permit holders with the equivalent of six months’ work experience or a certified qualification from a DLI in Alberta can start or purchase a business in Alberta.

You must meet the following eligibility requirements to apply to this stream.

  • Express Entry Profile:
    • Not needed
  • Connection to Alberta:
    • Must have a full-time degree or diploma from a Canadian tertiary institution or be a holder of a PGWP
  • Job Offer:
    • A job offer is not needed
  • Language Proficiency:
    • Language proficiency be at a CLB/NCLC 7 or higher
  • Level of Education:
    • Have a post-secondary education certificate (diploma/certificate) or copy of an ECA
  • Age:
    • Not needed
  • Work Experience:
    • Work experience managing and owning a business at least six months.
  • Income/Settlement Funds:
    • Settlement funds as proof of financial self-sufficiency are not necessary
  • Business Establishment:
    • You must own a minimum of 34% of a business in Alberta that is either new or still existent.
  • Average Processing Time:
    • This will take at least 4 to 6 months via the online portal or 15 to 19 months through traditional documented means

Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

If you reside outside of Canada and are a foreign graduate wanting to launch a start-up in Alberta, the Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream is great at facilitating this process. You must submit a letter of recommendation from a designated third-party agency with your Expression of Interest to Alberta.

There are primarily two approved Designated Agencies:

  • Empowered Start-ups
  • Platform Calgary

The eligibility criteria for the Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream are as follows:

Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream Eligibility Requirements

  • Express Entry profile:
    • Not needed
  • Connection to the province:
    • Connection to the province is not needed
  • Job offer:
    • A job offer is not needed
  • Language Proficiency:
    • Must be commensurate with a level CLB/NCLC 7
  • Level of Education:
    • A tertiary education degree from an institution outside of Canada obtained in the last two years and have an ECA
  • Work Experience:
    • Must have operationally managed a business for at least six months
  • Age:
    • No stipulated requirements
  • Business Plan:
    • Must have a comprehensive business plan
  • Pitch Deck:
    • You must have a 10-minute presentation of your proposed business venture along with the requirements outlined by the investors
  • Income/Settlement Funds:
    • Have settlement funds as proof of your ability to support yourself and your family
  • Letter of Recommendation:
    • A Letter of recommendation is needed
  • Business Establishment:
    • You must have ownership of the business that is at least 34% if your business is located in an urban center or 51 % if the business is located in a region outside of Edmonton and Calgary.
  • Business Investment:
    • Investment of at least 100,000 CAD in an urban area or 50,000 CAD in a regional area
  • Average Processing Time:
    • Case by case and undetermined application processing times

Farmer Stream

Alberta’s provincial government has perpetual problems with shortages of skilled farm labor.

To redress this problem, it has created a PNP stream with IRCC to help skilled foreign agricultural entrepreneurs immigrate to and start farms in Alberta.

The Alberta Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the AAIP manage this program. As a result, the program’s requirements are based on the following criteria:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Funds; and
  • Language skills

You can start a farming business in Alberta through the Self-Employed Farmer stream. This stream’s eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Express Entry Profile:
    • Not needed
  • Connection to the Province:
    • Connection is not necessary
  • Job Offer:
    • A job offer is not needed
  • Language Proficiency:
    • No minimum requirements apply
  • Level of Education:
    • No education requirements need to be met
  • Work Experience:
    • One year for FSWP and CEC and two years for FSTP
  • Age:
    • Express entry age eligibility requirements apply
  • Business Plan:
    • Must present a valid business plan
  • Income/Settlement Funds:
    • No funds are needed as proof of financial self-sufficiency
  • Investment Funds:
    • Have at least 500,000 CAD funds in equity
  • Net Worth:
    • Must have a minimum of 500,000 CAD
  • Investment from Canadian Institutions:
    • Have some form of written proof, if applicable
  • Average Processing Time:
    • 15 to months since this is only a manually documented application

Who Cannot Apply for the AAIP Farm Stream?

You cannot apply for this stream if you are:

  • A claimant of refugee status
  • Being deported from Canada
  • Employed as a caregiver in Canada
  • Working and living as a Temporary Foreign Worker in Alberta
  • An international student studying in Canada through internships or co-op work placements.

The Rural Entrepreneur Stream

The Rural Entrepreneur Stream helps Alberta’s rural towns grow by helping immigrant entrepreneurs establish businesses in rural Alberta communities.

Through this stream, you can visit Alberta’s rural towns before immigrating to determine where you want to establish your business.

Economic development organizations or agencies assist approved rural communities in sourcing, attracting, and retaining the requisite number of newcomers to their rural communities.

The Rural Entrepreneur Stream’s requirements are as follows.

  • Express Entry profile:
    • Express Entry profile requirements not applicable
  • Connection to Province:
    • Must have intentions to live and work in an Albertan rural community
  • Job Offer:
    • You need an Albertan job offer for an eligible occupation with an NOC code
  • Language Proficiency:
    • Must be at a level of TEER 0,1, 2,3 or CLB or higher and/or TEER 4 and 5 or CLB 4
  • Level of Education:
    • Your level of education must be at least a High School Diploma/Certificate or have an ECA
  • Age:
    • Age requirements don’t apply
  • Work Experience:
    • Must have an active business experience of at least three years or senior business management experience of at least four years
  • Income/Settlement Funds:
    • You must have a minimum net worth of 300,000 CAD
  • Business Investment:
    • Put in a minimum investment of 200,000 CAD
  • Business Establishment:
    • You must own at least 51%, be partnered with a Canadian citizen or resident, and must not be on the list of ineligible businesses
  • Job Creation:
    • You must have a history of job creation with at least one full-time occupation created
  • Average Processing Time:
    • Has an indeterminable processing time
  • Certification and Endorsements:
    • The Economic Development Organization must issue you with an Endorsement of the Candidate Letter

If you feel strongly that your entrepreneurial skills will greatly benefit Alberta, we highly recommend applying for this Stream.

Why Move to Alberta Using one of its PNP Streams

Alberta is a significant destination for Canada’s immigrants. This is because Alberta is::

  • Home to a huge portion of Canada’;s agriculture industry
  • Close to well-regulated capital markets in Edmonton and Calgary
  • Expansive landscapes with lots of natural wonders and
  • A complete and satisfying lifestyle offered by the exceedingly liveable, diverse, and multicultural cities of Edmonton and Calgary

Start Your PNP Process!


What if I Lose my Job During the Application Process?

You have up to 6 months (180 days) from when your application was assessed and rejected to locate work that fits AAIP eligibility.

Why is Alberta an Accessible Province to Get Into?

If you have a low CRS, you can apply for permanent residency in Canada under the Alberta Provincial Nomination Program to boost your chances of immigrating to Canada through Alberta.

What is the Best Place in Alberta to Immigrate to?

The best place to immigrate to in Alberta is Calgary, the largest and most commercially and financially successful city in Alberta.

Capital City


Average Salary

$63, 000

Unemployment Rate


Average Living Expenses

$1,122 for one person

Average price per house



4,307 million

Top Industries

Oil and gas, petrochemicals, aerospace and defence, agriculture and agri-food

Average Temperatures

Summer average high of 20 to 25°C Winter average low of -5 to -15°C