British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

Discover your pathway to success with the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program.

The Canadian province of British Columbia (BC) is situated alongside the Pacific coast. It is Canada’s major driver of industry and commerce along the eastern coast of North America. Consequently, it has become the premier Canadian destination for many immigrants wishing to immigrate to Canada’s eastern seaboard.

The socio-economic capital of BC is Vancouver. Vancouver has the highest population and population density, the largest metropolitan GDP, GDP per capita, and the highest number of companies and business establishments in the entirety of the Canadian east coast.

The factors above, coupled with the abundant natural resources and the highly educated populace, have created a socioeconomic environment that thrives on and capitalizes on any economic opportunities presented.

This has enabled Vancouver to have one of Canada’s highest per capita employment rates, especially in specialized technical occupations.

Despite this, Vancouver has still had to deal with the growing labor shortages in key sectors of the service economy, such as caregivers, retail workers, salespeople, and general workers.

These occupations require vast amounts of unskilled and semi-skilled labor and are essential to the health of any economy.

Partnering with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), BC’s provincial government has several provincial nominee programs to attract eligible workers to augment the province’s labor force. Each PNP is roughly divided according to the type of occupation and your connections to BC.

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BC PNP’s Streams for Immigrants with Job Offers

If you have a job offer in a skilled or in-demand occupation, the best way for you to immigrate to Columbia would be through utilizing the BC PNP or the British Columbia Skills Immigration Stream.

BC tries to cater to the vast majority of the labor classes while also aiming to meet specific labor shortages unique to the province’s borders.

Should BC find your candidacy before your application promising, it will issue an eligibility assessment that you will have to fill out based on your:

  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Language proficiency
  • Hourly wage
  • Job location in BC
  • Medical clearance
  • Police clearance

A lot of job offers from BC employers will but do not require a Labor Market Impact Assessment.

The program aims to help foreign workers and graduates contribute to the BC economy and provides an immigration pathway for tech workers and skilled refugees. Find out how you can land a job in BC here.

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BC Tech Pilot

The BC provincial government created this tech pilot in collaboration with Canada’s Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology to address the skills labor shortage in BC. It also speeds up the application process for skilled workers and international students who want to obtain permanent residency in Canada.

At the moment, BC has 29 occupations listed as in demand for the BC PNP Tech Pilot program. Weekly draws are conducted by the province to regularly replenish the labor reserves of the province and the eligible candidates in its PNP pools.

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements for the BC Tech Pilot can be outlined as follows:

Eligibility CriteriaRequirements
EE (Express Entry)Not necessary
Ties to the ProvinceNot needed
Offer of EmploymentMust have at least a year’s offer of employment in one of the 29 eligible occupations.
Proficiency with languageRequirements for Express Entry (For FSWP and CEC (CLB 7); For FSTP (CLB 4)
Education LevelsRequirements for Express Entry (High School, Tertiary Qualification, and On-the-job-training or Job-specific training)
Work ExperienceAt least two years of related work experience
AgeRequirements for Express Entry
Funds/Income for SettlementIncome/Settlement funds as proof of financial self-sufficiency
Processing Times for applications (average)At least Six months for Express Entry or for BC PNP online, at least 2 to 3 months

BC Entrepreneur Stream

The BC Entrepreneur Stream deals with immigration visa streams that involve attracting foreign members of the business community who can contribute to Canada’s economy by providing employment opportunities through their work streams.

Suppose you are an experienced entrepreneur who intends to invest in and actively manage an eligible business in BC. In that case, you can use the BC Entrepreneur to move to and start a business in the province. Individuals must have business ownership and management experience. You should also demonstrate that you can:

  • Establish yourself in BC
  • Invest in businesses that are existing or new; and
  • Contribute economically to the province by employing BC’s citizens and permanent residents.

Eligibility Requirements

The BC Entrepreneur Stream eligibility requirements are as follows:

Requirements For Express Entry OptionDetails
Ties to ProvinceNot needed
Job OfferNot needed
Language ProficiencyIn English or French, must be CLB4/NCLC4 or higher
Education LevelsMust have Post-secondary education or Business Experience that is sufficient for at least 3 of the past five years and 100% business ownership
Occupational ExperienceOwned or managed a business for at least three years (within the last ten years)
Age RequirementNot needed
Funds or Income for SettlementNot needed
Investment Funds RequirementHave a minimum of CAD 200,000 or at least CAD 600,000 Personal Net Worth
Processing Times for Application (on average)15 – 19 months
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Entrepreneur Regional Pilot

To start a new business in BC, you can obtain permanent residence through this immigration pilot.

Eligibility Requirements

The BC Entrepreneur Regional Pilot eligibility requirements are as follows:

BC Entrepreneur Regional Pilot Eligibility RequirementsDetails
Option for Express EntryNot needed
Ties to the ProvinceNot needed
Offer of EmploymentNot needed
Language ProficiencyIn English or French must be CLB4/NCLC4 or Higher
Education LevelsSufficient Business Experience or Post-secondary education for at least 3 of the past five years and owned a business wholly (100%)
Occupational ExperienceMust have owned or managed a business for at least three years in the past five years
Age RequirementsNot needed
Funds or Income for SettlementNot needed
Funds for InvestmentMust be a minimum of CAD 100,000 or have a personal net worth of at least CAD 300,000
Application Processing Times (on average)15 – 19 months

Strategic Projects Category

Existing business owners and heads of foreign-owned corporations who want to establish a separate business entity in BC can move there and eventually obtain Canadian permanent residence through the Strategic Projects Category.

Eligibility Requirements

The BC Strategic Projects Category eligibility requirements are as follows:

Option For Express EntryDetails
Not neededTies to the Province
Not neededJob Offer
Not neededLanguage Proficiency
In English or French, must be (CLB 4) or higherEducation Levels
Important staff members need to have relevant qualifications for the position they’re inOccupational Experience
Staff members in key positions need relevant senior/executive experience and should already be employed by a foreign corporation.Age Requirements
Not neededFunds for Settlement
Have a minimum of CAD 500,000Investment Equity Funds
15 – 19 monthsApplication Processing Times (on average)
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If you Studied in Canada

International Graduate

Students who have graduated from a Canadian university or college in the last three years and want to settle permanently in BC can do so through the International Graduate stream.

The International Graduate eligibility requirements are as follows:

Offer Of EmploymentDetails
Yes. This is needed (TEER 0, 1, 2, or 3)Language Proficiency
Requirements for Express Entry (TEER 0 or 1 – CLB 7; TEER 2 or 3 – CLB 4)Education Levels
Must have qualifications in Tertiary education (degree, diploma, or certificate) bestowed by a Canadian institution in the last three yearsOccupational Experience
NoAge Requirements
Requirements for Express EntryFunds for Settlements
YesAverage Application Processing Times
Six months for Express Entry or BC PNP Online for 2 to 3 months 

If you Studied Outside of Canada

Skilled Worker

Skilled workers are in huge demand in BC. They are critical to the continued growth of local industries and the complicated administrative and managerial competencies needed to keep them going.

Placing a premium on attracting these workers, the following are the general eligibility requirements for skilled workers if they wish to immigrate to BC.

CriteriaRequirements For Express Entry
Job OfferYes
Language ProficiencyCLB 7 for FSWP and CEC; CLB 4 for FSTP
Education LevelsQualification from a tertiary institution, high school diploma, and job-specific training or on-the-job-training
Occupational ExperienceTwo years of work experience related to the occupation
Age RequirementsRequirements for Express Entry
Funds for SettlementYes, it is needed
Average Application Processing TimeAt least six months for Express Entry; or (BC PNP Online) of at least 2 to 3 months

Health Authority

BC needs eligible workers for its critical healthcare system. Foreign healthcare workers must meet the following eligibility requirements.

Job OfferYes, if offered by a specialized health occupation (e.g., clinical pharmacist)
Language ProficiencyTEER 0 or 1 – CLB 7; TEER 2 or 3 – CLB 4
Education LevelsQualifications from a tertiary institution, high school diploma, and job-specific training or on-the-job training
Occupational ExperienceRelated work experience of at least two years
Age RequirementsAs per Express Entry requirements
Funds or Income for SettlementYes
Average Application Processing TimeAt least six months for Express Entry; or 2 to 3 months for BC PNP Online
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If you Work in Tourism, Hospitality, or Food Processing

Much like Canada’s highly populated and urbanized regions, BC requires many unskilled and semi-skilled labor to perform the essential job in each province. This presents the greatest number of opportunities for a lot of people to move to Canada as long as they meet the following minimum eligibility requirements

The eligibility criteria for these occupations include:

Express Entry RequirementsNot Needed
Ties to the ProvinceYes. It is needed
Job OfferYes, for sectors such as tourism/hospitality, long-haul trucking, and food processing
Language ProficiencyYes, it is needed – CLB 4
Education LevelsYes (a secondary qualification or high school diploma and certification or licensing that is required by the occupation)
Occupational ExperienceYou need to have been employed for at least nine consecutive months in BC right before submitting your application
Age RequirementsNot needed
Income/Settlement FundsYes
Average Application Processing TimesAt least 2-3 months for BC Provincial Nominee Program Online

Ready to make your move? Here’s a quick guide on how to move to BC through its PNP in our video below.


BC In-Demand Occupations

BC has a set of in-demand occupations that are unique to the province. If you search for a job offer or study in BC to obtain a job there, you must understand the list of occupations needed in the province. Here is a list of BC’s in-demand occupations.

Why Choose to Move to British Columbia?

BC is the sole major province in Canada that provides a relatively good standard of living and is famous for providing its permanent resident citizens with the following benefits.

  • Abundant employment opportunities (low unemployment rate)
  • Low crime rates
  • Highly quality, free education
  • Cheap, Effective healthcare system
  • Fulfilling lifestyle and culture with thriving festivals in music, film, etc.

If these aspects of BC life are attractive to you, then take the chance to immigrate to Canada today!

Get Ready to Live Your Best Life in British Columbia!

Don’t waste time, and move to BC today. We advise using the services of one of our accredited Regulated Canadian immigration Consultants (RCICs), who can assist you throughout the application process and ensure that all tasks needed for your application are done on time and as effectively as possible.

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What is the Average Wage for an Unskilled Worker in BC?

According to, the average salary for an unskilled worker in BC is $37,538.

Which City has the Highest Number of Skilled Workers in BC?

With its burgeoning Tech industry valuation, Vancouver attracts the highest number of skilled workers in BC.

Capital City


Average Salary


Unemployment Rate


Average Living Expenses

$1,024 for one person

Average price per house




Top Industries

Service, Energy, Agriculture, Fishing, Manufacturing, Mining and Tourism

Average Temperatures

Summer average high of 20 to 25°C Winter average low of -5 to -15°C